About Me

A dreamer and gadgeteer, I started my working career as a fine artist. Since a life in the fast food industry didn’t appeal that much I made a couple of changes and switched to web design, which caters to my creative side whilst keeping my mind positively occupied.

I stray at times and dip my toe back into illustration and other crafty things. Last year I had a brief love affair with pewter work. My husband had to make peace with the proliferation of pewter octopuses that sprung up around the house. This year the octopuses are crocheted. I also made more serious educational choices in 2016 and signed up for Standard Bank’s product designer programme.

In case numbers interest you – I’ve worked as a UI/ digital designer since 2002 with experience from the client and from the agency’s perspective. This has given me a good understanding of what is important to all parties when it comes to getting web projects off the ground.

I consider myself lucky to have found a career that can keep up with my desire to learn. The web space is ever changing and if you blink you might miss something. Just the way I like it.

P.S. My name is Lize Smith and I also go by the name of Groovyspecs on the interwebs.